Company Values

Client Service Excellence
Going above and beyond customer expectations to deliver a "WOW" experience is the goal in every interaction. We constantly look for ways to improve the connections we make and provide a better experience.
We are accountable to ourselves, our team, our clients, and our customers. We recognize the critical effect we have on those around us and who depend on us to put our best foot forward every day.
We commit to improving the quality of our service and doing what it takes to understand the next step for our our abilities and our interactions. Each of our tasks deserves to be done right the first time.
Integrity and Honesty
We conduct ourselves with integrity and honesty in every interaction and at all times. This is the foundation upon which we constantly build relationships.
We communicate respectfully, openly, and directly with everyone around us and take the time to understand who we're talking with and where they coming from.
Personal Growth
We cultivate personal growth and fuel our individual natural curiosities to drive our setting of mutual goals, and work together as a team to achieve them.

Team Roles

We work with law offices as discovery experts where we recover, extract and examine evidence and are in need of paralegals to be the bridge between our team's skills and our clients.
Triage Technician
Proper evaluation of a hard drive is essential for determining the extent of issues with a device allows us to map out a personalized path to a successful recovery.
Recovery Lab Engineer
High level skills training with a lot of practice are required to perform our delicate procedures. Our engineers must be able to successfully operate on a wide variety of issues to get as much data recovered as possible.
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