This is a position providing full service pick up and delivery during business hours or evenings for our clients and customers. It involves locating addresses and collecting signatures, as well as disconnecting, properly handling, and safely transporting devices both to and from our facilities. Minor installation such as plugging in and connecting cables are expected in some scenarios. Proper care must be taken to protect items in transit and prevent any issues from physical trauma and static electrical shock.

An ideal candidate would have a good driving record with a cautious and predictable driving style, have good navigation skills to locate addresses, and possess basic knowledge of plugging or unplugging devices.


  • Navigating to addresses with a car.
  • Being courteous and polite in all encounters.
  • Collecting signatures for picking up or dropping off devices.
  • Properly handling and preparing an item for transit.
  • Safely transporting the items to/from our facilities.


Must maintain a registered car.

Must have good driving record.

Good navigation abilities.

Minor technical skills to unplug or plug in devices.

A courteous and helpful demeanor.