This is a distributed work position with a flexible schedule both actively listening to and creating messages for specific demographics.  You’ll be involved in implementing strategies to nurture audiences, raising awareness of problems, discussing potential solutions, demonstrating the benefits of our service abilities and actively listening for feedback. You will help identify methods of effectively convey messages as well as designing and running general communication campaigns. Digital and print and social avenues are involved.

An ideal candidate would have a passion for communication, be have an interest in sociology, and be comfortable running both organic and paid campaigns spanning social media platforms and public social events.


  • Understanding our current products, services, and abilities.
  • Maintain accurate examples of demographic members.
  • Perform keyword, cultural, lingual research for content generation.
  • Design organic and paid strategies for effective communication with our various demographics.
  • Understand the needs of our demographic members and identify trends in their needs.
  • Increase public and client awareness of our brand, services, and abilities.


Familiarity with the organic and paid use of social networks and search engines.

Prior successful involvement in both print and digital campaigns.

Ability to think laterally and with an open mind to perceptual fluidity.