We are opening a seat on our legal discovery team for a paralegal. This position involves assisting with preparation and organizing various legal documents our client upcoming civil and criminal cases with family law, criminal defence law, and litigation. Main duties include involvement in chain of custody, preparing correspondence, discussing case details with attorneys and clients, organizing materials for different legal proceedings. 

Our new position will be asked to over see cases as well as request and obtain records from third parties. They will be responsible for reviewing materials produced during evidenciary examinations. Team members may periodically work from home and have flexibility with schedule. Basic equipment and software will be provided along with all the proper office supplies necessary. We are looking for paralegals to maintain frequent contact with involved parties and are able to work to beat deadlines involving multiple parties. The position is for a 3 month period at which time permanent positions along with benefits will be evaluated.

Paralegal Role Responsibilities

  • Creating and monitoring timelines and deadlines for case progression
  • Working within our case management system
  • Mainting files related to case documents
  • Participating in formulation of discovery plan
  • Assisting in the development of defenses, theory of case, and trial strategy
  • Conducting client interviews and maintaining contact with the client
  • Conducting investigations and documentary research
  • Obtaining copies of court documents or public information
  • Locating evidence and exhibits
  • Analyzing documentary evidence
  • Drafting legal court documents for depositions, testimonies, and interrogatories


  • Associate’s degree
  • A paralegal practice award, legal study award, or legal secretary certificate (Preferred)
  • Legal Office Experience: 1 year (Preferred)

We are looking for either one full time position or two part time positions. We can work around class schedules. Wage and bonuses are negotiable based upon prior related professional experience and performance abilities. Roles progressing into management are a possibility. Candidates for consideration will progress through a phone interview, an in-person interview, and finally a skills assessment before final decisions are made.