This is a in-house clean lab position recovering and reconstructing data from damaged devices and electronics. You’ll be troubleshooting electrical, mechanical, and logical issues then performing delicate operations on sensitive storage devices and electronics. Typical devices are magnetic hard drives, solid state drives, thumb drives, flash drives, and memory cards. Daily operations involve layering contextually relevant methods with a variety of custom equipment to properly extract, reconstruct, and interpret data. Work often requires chemicals and specialized tools in conjunction with special software. 

An ideal candidate would be familiar with how modern storage device work, understand file system strengths and weaknesses, have great attention to detail, like the concept of tips and tricks when addressing problems, and enjoy solving puzzles.


  • Maintain a clean lab environment.
  • Create detailed case notes on all actions, operations, and results.
  • Overcome electrical, mechanical, and logical issues with storage devices.
  • Using fine motor skills and tools to work with small components.
  • Operate and program recovery specific equipment.
  • Reconstruct RAID arrays.
  • Obtain access to data which has been encrypted.
  • Expanding the knowledge, training, and capabilities of our lab.


A good understanding of electronic circuit theory.

A good understanding of partitions, file systems, and common data formats.

A good understanding of RAID (logical and hardware), logical volumes, storage containers, software/hardware encryption.

Knowledge of drive firmware and it’s manipulation.

Possess a great attention for detail.

Be able to read technical manuals, standards specifications, and deep dive industry support threads and channels.