This is a position carefully evaluating the physical, mechanical, electrical, acoustic, and logical aspects of storage devices as well as thoroughly documenting symptoms and test results to aid in correctly identifying the scope and depth of issues. These duties are performed under the oversight of a Lab Recovery Engineer to which results are reviewed and issues escalated if internal damage is suspected. Duties also involve sourcing lab materials, performing basic lab preparation of devices, assisting Lab Recovery Engineers with internal examinations or lab recovery operations, and is a prerequisite entry point before advancing further into the lab.

An ideal candidate would have high attention for detail, good technical writing skills, and a passion technical diagnostics.


  • Evaluation of physical, mechanical, electrical, acoustic, and logical aspects of storage devices.
  • Taking detailed notes through all steps in our diagnostic process.
  • Confirming scope and depth of issues with Lab Recovery Engineers.
  • Sourcing any necessary lab materials.
  • Preparing drives to be taken into the lab for recovery.
  • Assisting Lab Recovery Engineers


Highly detail oriented.

A basic understanding of electronic circuit theory.

A basic understanding of file systems.

A basic understanding of RAID, logical volumes, storage containers, and the use of encryption.