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    with current methods and techniques which have been a huge help on a number of our cases. I was impressed from day one.

CLE Curriculum
We have distilled years of our experience in court into classes which have qualified for CLE credits in multiple states. These tips have been major game changers when we're involved because we have intimate knowledge of both sides' strengths and weaknesses to give you an edge on your case.

There is a prerequisite class which goes over the fundamentals necessary for understanding the rest of the classes which may be taken in any order. Classes have qualified for four CLE credits each.

We stay abreast of the latest technical developments constantly so you don't have to and we update our classes yearly to include the latest methods and techniques. Check out our bulk specials down below.

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Our CLE Qualified Courses

Each 4 credit class is broken down into 2 modules. We have a prerequisite class which covers the foundations for the rest of the classes which can be taken in any order afterward.
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Digital Crime<br />Foundations
  1. What is digital crime? What is digital evidence?
    Why is it so important?
  2. Preserving a digital crime scene is the first step
The Unique Nature of Digital Evidence
  1. Digital evidence is arguably the easiest to spoil. Technology is everÔÇÉchanging.
  2. Case examples will be provided detailing both correct procedures and mistakes
Roles and<br /> Responsibilities
  1. Both modules are tailored directly to the audience.
  2. Covers several stages in chain of events from first response to closing arguments
  3. Ideal for inter-department rates. Ask for details.
Technology and Proper Terminology
  1. Proper terminology is critical in providing the proper information to all parties involved.
  2. Understanding popular applications, websites, and locations where digital evidence can be located.
Types of Crime Where Digital Evidence is Key
  1. Digital evidence is far more prevalent than DNA. Every case has the potential to contain digital evidence.
  2. Specific instances where digital evidence could be beneficial will be discussed.
Locating Digital<br /> Evidence on Devices
  1. This module will discuss the digital evidence on more basic devices such as computers, hard drives, SSD drives, and other flash media.
  2. Mobile devices require more advanced knowledge to extract and investgate the evidence contained therein
Digital<br />Crime Scenes
  1. What is a digital crime scene? How does that compare to processing a physical crime scene?
  2. Processing of a digital crime scene utilizing industry standard techniques and best practices will be detailed.
Investigating Potential Digital Crime Scenes
  1. A best practice plan of ac on must be put into place prior to investigating the digital evidence.
  2. With digital crime scenes the potential for spoliation is great and the ways in which it can occur are also great.
Preservation of <br />Digital Evidence
  1. Prior to analyzing and investigating any digital data, proper extraction techniques must be followed in order to preserve any potential evidence.
  2. Once a proper extraction is complete, examination and analysis can begin.
Calling<br />an Expert
  1. When do you determine an expert is required?
  2. What types of cases warrant calling in an expert from the beginning of the case?
  3. How can the assistance of an expert be beneficial knowing your case could go to trial?
Court Strategy &<br />Expert Testimony
  1. Evidence speaks. We must go where the evidence takes us. However, we must ensure the evidence speaks for us using a detailed content examination based upon our findings.
  2. Having a strategy based upon best prac ce for digital evidence will not only help you present a stronger case but will provide the information necessary for the judge and jury to determine the validity of the evidence as applied to the law
Risk Mitigation
  1. Having a plan in place for such instances can save me and money should an issue arise in the future.
  2. Developing strategies to prevent risk for each member of your agency

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