Data Recovery Costs
I understand the feeling that hits when something bad happens to a device. In an instant all your work and memories are thrust into limbo as the accident sinks in. Recovered Picture of Swings This happened to me early in 2003 when I suddenly lost a loved one and afterwards had an accident with the drive archiving our last memorable years together. The realization that I couldn't redo a moment in the past put a pit of dread in my stomach.
The spirit of the experience founded Utah Data Recovery. We give a second chance to the hope that your data is safe. Our everlasting commitment is to help hard working people get back what they thought was lost. Our team is here to help, even after hours, because we believe every file matters.
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith

How much does it cost for data recovery?

Our competitors charge between $300-$2500 for data recovery, and they have pricing tiers depending on the degree of damage. Damage to the electronics or the internals of the drive bump you to their higher tiers, as does drive encryption, or the need for extensive time and materials in the lab.
We mold our pricing to each customer and their device. Call us with details or fill out the form so we can look at your unique situation and find the pricing that fits.
Critical damage may require our higher level services or additional lab materials; however, we don't believe in unreasonable expenses. If a necessary service is burdensome then please let us know your situation and we can work with you so you can get your files back now.
American Flag If you have been a teacher, EMT, have served with either law enforcement or the military, then please let us know because we have a sponsorship program which you qualify for.

How much does it cost to recover data from Seagate?

We recover Seagate drives just like all other brands but Seagate drives can cost less than other drives. Seagate ThumbnailDue to the number of Seagate drives we recover one of our first investments was to import tools specific for them to streamline our recoveries.
We have tools specific for all of their drive families and models, both internal and external. Since getting these tools we have reduced both the time and the cost necessary for a successful recovery.

Can you recover data from a Mac hard drive?

We regularly rescue Mac hard drives and we love our Apple workstations!
  • Using Apple FileVault requires our premium services due to it's strong security.
  • The solid state drives inside some laptops like the MacBook Air often requires our premium services due to the nature of the hardware they use.
Despite these challenges we maintain a high recovery rate.

Can you recover from iPhone?

Yes! We have special equipment and software to work with iPhones. We are making a page with more details ´╗┐about iPhone recoveries.

Can you recover from Android phones?

Yes! We have special equipment and software to work with Android phones. We are making a page with more details about Android recoveries.

Every Moment Counts

On average we can diagnose a drive within 20 minutes. Our procedure runs through the electrical, logical, and mechanical components.
Our average time for a complete recovery is 3-7 business days. Some recoveries take as little as a day while extensively damaged drives can take a month or more.
We offer emergency after hour services for business and situations where time is critical.

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