Data Recovery Experts

Executive Team

<br />CEO
With over 20 years in the field of technology and several businesses under his belt he's excelled at every level from electronic components to platform programming and service. He contributes not only his executive skills to our operations but also his diverse technical insight.


<br />Founder<br /> Sr. Forensic and Recovery Expert
Jamie founded Utah Data Recovery in 2005 and was the initial force behind the product and precedent with Utah courts. His passion for technology and his innate curiosity as earned him skills which are unparalleled in the recovery lab and on the stand in court.

Sr. Forensic and Recovery Expert

<br />Administrative Assistant Extraordinaire
Stacie is the binding force for our team operations and keeps her fingers on the pulse of operations. She graduated from our very own USU and nothing can escape her keen eye for detail which is why she threads together the seams of our team.

Administrative Assistant Extraordinaire