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Let us save your precious work files, documents, and irreplaceable memories.

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Technology Nightmare?

The external hard drive you use for work was sitting on your counter at home when a tornado made up of your rambunctious six and eight year old came skipping by. The hard drive hit the tile floor, and now it clicks and doesn’t register when you try to turn it on.

The memory card or flash drive that stored all your family photos and several important financial documents pops open nothing but an error message when you plug it in. You have no idea what happened to cause these errors.

Your phone fell into the river. You pulled it out, and it seemed to work fine for a few hours, but then it began to glitch, and now it has shut down completely. Your pictures and contacts are gone, seemingly for good. (Yes, we recover cell phones!)

You may be thinking your data can never be recovered, but don’t give up. The Utah Data Recovery team has seen all of these scenarios and more, and we successfully recovered their files.

Unplug it, turn it off, keep it somewhere dry and safe, and call in the experts.

Recover Your Files

Utah Data Recovery offers specialized data recovery services with our state of the art data recovery lab. A class-100 clean room facility and data vaults ensure premium data security. Our lab technicians, specially trained and skilled at the art of data recovery, have encountered numerous data loss scenarios ending in successful data recovery. Whether it be phone, memory card or even hard drive data recovery, we can help.

Can external hard drives be recovered? While there will always be scenarios where data cannot be recovered, our methods of data recovery boast the highest recovery rate in the state: around 70% or higher. In order to determine the probability and cost of a recovery situation, we evaluate your failed hard drive or media, performing a non-destructive diagnosis which will allow us to provide a cost analysis and usually a listing of recoverable files.

Call us at (866) 260-1169 for free cost estimates and more information.

Looking for some bigger help?

Find out about our RAID and NAS Recovery Services.

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