After we get your drive in as stable a condition as possible, it is moved to special equipment which is designed to handle complications.

Thank you for your patience as we care for your drive. This part of our process can take the longest because of how the drive itself lets us talk to it, how fast we can convince it to respond, and if any complications arise. Results develop hour by hour, day by day, and week by week. In some cases we may need several weeks before we the recovery is complete. 

Like rehabilitation after surgery, this process repeatedly attempts to get results by progressively trying harder and more complicated techniques to get your drive to read properly through any error or complication. Sometimes a drive must go back into surgery if it cannot complete all steps in this process to get as much data as possible from your injured drive for analysis and reconstruction.

As we care for your drive one or more of our staff members will reach out to you with updates. Please use (435)-227-1530 when you call to talk to skip to the front of the line with your questions.

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