We are doing everything we can to get back your memories. This part of our process may take up to several weeks as we locate exact donor compatible parts then perform the surgeries. Sometimes we must perform several surgeries in order to get past all the problems.

Just like the inside of your brain and heart, the inside of a hard drive is the delicate yet vital part of your drive. Sealed inside is the pristine mirror finish of the platters which keep a record of every photo you’ve snapped on every trip you’ve taken. The read heads of the drive fly on cushion of air thinner than a human hair above the surface of the platters which are spinning about 90-120 times each second!

This fragile area is where every YouTube DIY recovery attempt loses their data because in an instant even ordinary house dust or a finger print or small scratches on the inside can cause severe and permanent loss. Any surgery needs to be done in a pristine lab with tightly controlled conditions by an expert to avoid further injury.

The following symptoms can be an indication of the vital area of your drive being injured:

  • The drive beeps quietly and doesn’t spin up.
  • The drive continually clicks, grinds, whines, or makes a scratching noise.
  • The drive spins itself down after just a couple noises.
  • The drive never comes up on your computer.
  • The computer resets the drive over and over.

Care of the vital part of your drive is our top concern and when performing surgery to replace internal components we go through extra lengths to ensure this remains pristine so your memories remain in-tact.

As we care for your drive one or more of our staff members will reach out to you with updates. Please use (435)-227-1530 when you call to talk to skip to the front of the line with your questions.

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