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Free Online Self Evaluation

We are nearing completion of a free online self evaluation to give you information about your particular case before we confirm your results in our lab. With a few basic questions it's possible to have a basic understanding of what is likely happening to a drive.

General Precautions

In order to have the highest chance of recovery please keep the following in mind:

  • If a drive has been dropped then please don't power it on before having it examined.
  • Don't open up the hard drive case as it will contaminate the inside and potentially unbalance the drive mechanics.

Until our online self evaluation is available, the safest path toward data recovery is to have our trained staff examine your drive.

What happens next?

You need to get your device evaluated and your questions answered.
We have an evaluation process that covers all the following points:

  • Acoustics
  • Motor & spindle
  • Scratches
  • Read/Write heads
  • Voice Coil
  • Permanent magnets
  • Ramp
  • Water Damage
  • Circuit Board
  • Heat
  • Corrosion
  • Pop/Fried
  • Blown Components
  • Voltage Regulation
  • Loose Parts
  • Files and File Systems
  • Partitions
  • Corruption
  • RAID
  • Encryption
  • Deletion
  • Ramp
  • Read Errors/Slow Drive

Evaluation Specials

We have a special offer for you until we finish our free online self-evaluation. This special is only available here.

Our normal $100 evaluation fee to cover lab time for the complete evaluation now comes with a couple options:
  • 10% off
    • Enter your info into our system.
    • Bring in your device when it's convenient, even same day.
    • Enjoy 10% off confirming your evaluation results.
  • Get Discount
  • Most Popular
  • Free Lunch
    • Schedule a time to come in and receive a gift certificate for a free lunch at one of our local restaurants.
    • Redeem immediately or save it for another time.
    • Many Evaluations can be done by the time you finish eating
  • Get Free Lunch

Your Benefits With Utah Data Recovery®

World Class Lab
We have imported the best tools and world class lab equipment from around the globe which is designed for specific device families and models to give us the best platform to recover your device.
In-House Development
To boost the success of your recovery our passionate team has developed groundbreaking techniques to extend the capabilities of our gold standard lab equipment beyond original factory specifications.
We Go The Extra Mile
We go the extra mile for you by using our certified partner relations with manufacturers and our intimate knowledge of drive designs to provide top notch support and methods to recover the widest variety of devices.
Affordable Recovery
We work with you to make recovery affordable on a time table that works for you. We also have a special program for teachers, EMT, and those who have served with either law enforcement or the military.
Risk Free
We have the highest success rate for recoveries due to the dedication of our skilled team, solid procedures, and great equipment. If a device is truly unrecoverable then we do not charge for labor.
Free Shipping
No appointment necessary to drop off your drive in-person. You can also get a free FedEx shipping label to our facility. After we are done return shipping with tracking will not cost you a dime.
We Are Here For You When You Need Us
We offer on-call telephone support after hours, on weekends, and during the holidays so you have a real person to talk to when you need one.

Your satisfaction is our priority!


Every Moment Counts

On average we can diagnose a drive within 20 minutes. Our procedure runs through the electrical, logical, and mechanical components.
Our average time for a complete recovery is 3-7 business days. Some recoveries take as little as a day while extensively damaged drives can take a month or more.
We offer emergency after hour services for business and situations where time is critical.

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