When your drive is turned on the logic board (or PCB) is the first piece to come to life and wake up. The logic board is like a mini computer just for your hard drive and contains many similar components like memory and a processor but it also contains special components that allow it to control the internal components of the drive.

Examining the logic board and components may take up to a week and a half as we test components, locate exact donor compatible parts, and perform any soldering surgeries.

The logic board and its delicate components are specific to your drive and cannot be replaced without expert soldering skills and equipment. Testing a logic board and its components is like testing a person’s knee reflex because it gives us a glimpse at the reactive abilities of the drive.¬†Like replacing a knee, replacing a logic board or its components can be done safely.¬†

The following symptoms can be a sign that the PCB is injured:

  • The drive confuses its own serial number, model number, or otherwise mis-identifies itself.
  • The drive thinks it’s much bigger or much smaller than it really is.
  • The drive fails to power on and wake up.
  • The drive resets itself over and over.
  • The computer resets the drive over and over.

As we care for your drive one or more of our staff members will reach out to you with updates. Please use (435)-227-1530 when you call to talk to skip to the front of the line with your questions.

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