01 Digital Crime Basics


This course is four CLE credit hours.



CLE Credits: 4

Module 01: Digital Crime Basics Part I

What is digital crime? What is digital evidence? Why is it so important? Digital crime is an ever present and everÔÇÉchanging area of criminal enterprise. Digital devices can be the targets of crime, the tools of crime, or the subjects of crime. Digital devices can also be storage devices containing a plethora of evidence used in the commission of crime. Digital evidence is becoming increasingly present and important in the courtroom. Understanding it and how it can be used is critical.

Module 02: Digital Crime Basics Part II

Preserving a digital crime scene is the first step: determining the crime scene, locating the crime scene, securing the crime scene, investigating the crime scene, collecting digital evidence, preserving digital evidence, and processing digital evidence. Just as with a physical crime scene, proper procedures must be followed.


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