11 Court Strategy and Expert Testimony


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Module 21: Court Strategy and Expert Testimony Part I

Evidence speaks. We must go where the evidence takes us. However, we must ensure the evidence speaks for us using a detailed content examination based upon our findings. Utilizing the proper terminology while allowing the jury and judge to fully understand the explanation, an expert witness can provide the necessary information to sway the case. Experts must have a history of unbiased representation and must be willing to speak to the facts discovered during the investigation.

Module 22: Court Strategy and Expert Testimony Part II

As with cases where physical evidence is crucial to the outcome of the case, the integrity of digital evidence will also be argued in court. What is the plan when you discover contrary evidence? What is the plan for cross examination? What is the plan of contrary expert witness testimony? How can you place very technical information into a format easily understood by the judge and the jury? What is the precedent for your case? Having a strategy based upon best practice for digital evidence will not only help you present a stronger case but will provide the information necessary for the judge and jury to determine the validity of the evidence as applied to the law.


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