Utah RAID Recovery


RAID servers' redundancy makes them less prone to failure than your average hard drive, but when they do crash, they crash hard. Only trust your invaluable files to experts who already know how to rescue data from RAID servers.

All Devices Up to Enterprise-Level RAID

•Network attached storage


•Virtual configurations

•Native server multi-member RAIDs

RAID & NAS Data Recovery Services

Technology is crucial for running a business, and the files on your RAID or server are essential for work to continue. We get that. If you’ve lost files important to your company, we can help get them back.

At Utah Data Recovery, our focus on RAID recovery is a point of pride. We have a history of recovering some of the most complex RAID failures discovered by the IT industry, and have saved many businesses and fortune five hundred companies from millions of dollars in potential data loss. Our RAID recovery service is capable of retrieving everything from network attached storage (NAS), SAN, and virtual configurations, to the more basic multi member RAIDs on native servers.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) Recovery

NAS RAID devices are a staple of many enterprises because of their general reliability, security, high-memory storage, and flexible network-based storage. However, because NAS RAIDs are connected to a variety of different systems and devices, a NAS failure can occur for many reasons, making self-diagnosis or self-recovery risky or impossible. Accidental deletion, failure of one drive causing strain on the others, bad configurations, accidental deletion, and many other issues can result in a need for NAS recovery.

Don’t risk further damage or loss to your data. Trust the company with the cleanroom lab, equipment, and skills to rescue your files. Call us for more information about how our team can help you recover your NAS RAID.