What are crashed heads?

When the technician says “crashed heads,” you probably picture two people bashing their heads together in a bad romantic comedy. What we mean, however, is the heads (the means by which the data on the platters are read) have crashed onto the platters themselves, causing data to no longer be read and potential damage to the platters.

These heads usually hover above the platters on a small pillow of air as the hard drive spins. If the drive is dropped or jostled, especially while spinning, these heads can crash onto the platters and cause damage as seen in the photos above.

This type of damage can make your drive unrecoverable, due to the fact that your data is literally ground off the platters. In order to keep your data safe, do regular backups and be very careful not to drop or jostle your drive, especially while it is spinning.

If you do encounter a crashed hard drive head, check out our data recovery services.


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