Thank you for bringing your drive to Utah Data Recovery. Your drive is receiving the best care it can possibly get and we will do everything possible to re-unite you with your memories!

There are several important stages your drive will go through along the road to recovery and we will be outlining them in emails along the way. Just like when a family member is injured, the speed of recovery takes time and cannot always be rushed. The speed of recovery is determined by the drive itself and how it lets us talk to it, how fast we can convince it to respond, and how stable it remains while in our care.

A healthy hard drive, like your body, involves dozens of parts and components working together. When a drive is no longer healthy or has been injured then special care must be given to all of it’s symptoms, no matter how small, because often times the smallest noise or detail makes a world of difference for recovery. Even something seemingly minor like the sound a drive makes helps us understand how badly it’s hurt and allows us take the proper steps for the patient.

As we care for your drive one or more of our staff members will reach out to you with updates. Please use (435)-227-1530 when you call to talk to skip to the front of the line with your questions.

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